Monday, 24 September 2012

brain drained

oh the woes of being out of college. we all had a difficult time with reports, papers and theses. pursuing graduate school/medicine/law is a different ball game. higher learning entails a higher amount of work load.

what is life?

 i know i'm suppose to be enthusiastic about learning more about the field i've chosen but, lately, (the 2 or 3 weeks i've spent in this hellhole) my (so-called) zest for learning is definitely waning (and fast). plus, i think i'm going insane (see? i've completely disregarded grammar and capitalization) with everything. even to the point that i'm conjuring up a spectre in our bathroom and closet. and yes, we lit our incense sticks and chanted some mumbo jumbo just to get rid of my delusions. back to the subject at hand, i knew getting into graduate school would mean a different set of candle burning tasks. maybe, i just didn't gauge as to how i can handle all the load.

why is it never in my favour?

as i type away, i have readings that speak another language. i have not completely deciphered what it's trying to convey. give up, kiddo. you can't take it anymore. but i'm used to fighting the odds. i should welcome this kind of insanity. it will soon become a normality.

hello, maker.

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