Sunday, 16 September 2012

do normal people feel depressed for no reason?

I seriously feel the anxiety, even if there's no stimulus. That's just me, sometimes. My heart either skips a beat or it drums loudly and at an accelerating rate. Why does it suddenly do that? The thought plagues me for hours. I've tried distracting myself by reading or watching cartoons,but to no avail. This state that I'm in? It's frustrating me for many reasons. Number one is "How in seven hells am I going to get rid of this?".

There are cases, however, when I make such a fuss about other things that haven't even started yet. Take for example, my impending academic life. I'm not waiting for something terrible to happen. I just know for a fact that terrible things occur whenever I pursue, well, anything for that matter. Despite the negativity, I try not to dwell (really?) on those things. I seriously do...not.

After all this, I just want to look for a way stop this...THIS. I think I need someone to write to, even talk to.

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