Tuesday, 28 August 2012

dear you,

so i'm writing this to you. 

how about a minute? i cannot seem to fathom the lack of time. don't i sound desperate? funny. but it feels crappy. all the self-blame, the denial, unspoken anger. all i can do is scoff. psssh. oh what the hell. i'm not doing anything about it. i can't put the words together. i can't make you understand. after all, i should do ALL the understanding. i am THE EXPERT when it comes to human behaviour. yeah, that's me. i have to adjust too. i have to make do. 

why do i have to exert so much effort? and to think i prefer to be by myself. i feel so out of touch anyway. i'm not included anyway. it wouldn't be a problem. gaaah. this sounds like a freaking diary entry. "dear diary, i shouldn't have..." sad, isn't it? it's true. 

so, what the hell should i do? 

no thanks to you.

not sincerely yours,

Monday, 27 August 2012

plan 748937592107527421984

i know. i should be working on my plans for world domination...bah. who am i kidding? my formal report needs editing (ctrl+c and ctrl+v). well, in the mean time.

enter musings...

sometimes you're too self-absorbed that you forget that you forget to pay heed to other people. it's not that your opinion doesn't matter. it's more of THEIR opinion also matters. in fact, it may be better than yours. besides, at the end of the day, YOU get to decide. what i'm saying is that you should seek other possibilities, weigh in options...