Thursday, 1 November 2012

I need your help with this, Sigmund.

Clearly, this is one of those dreams that are so realistic and unreal at the same time.

At first, I thought it was real since I was just playing with my phone. Suddenly, I get this message that contains a food menu and that I should be ready at some specific time that I've now forgotten. There's nothing really weird about this situation, right? But here goes the clincher: it was sent by none other than badabing badaboom Adam Levine. This is the part wherein I'm suppose to be ecstatic and go fan girl crazy, but I didn't.  

-Oh. Right. I forgot to include as when I realized that this was a dream that I absolutely had no control over. Well, when I was tinkering with my phone, I was wondering why I had some sort of commentary as to what I was doing. Plus, there was like a voice inside the voice of my head. Yes, an inception. -

Anyway, I started to read the menu and noticed that the prices were sky high. There is no way I would be able to afford that, I thought. I've decided not to push through with the invitation and watched Game of Thrones instead. While I was watching, there was a ring on the doorbell and lo and behold, my friend whose name and face I can't seem to remember or recognize came and started freaking out on me. She told me she was going with me to that dinner thing with Mr. Levine (actually, she called him Adam, like they were friends or something). Wow. I feel like a third wheel already. I protested all the way to my room and started to lie down on the bed. She then, began to throw clothes in my direction and forced me to wear what she chose. Not bad. What she picked, I mean. 

There was the sound of a car parking in front of the house and I checked who it was from the window. Ah, he's arrived. I opened the door to the house for him and mentioned that my friend was coming. He looked at the side and started muttering to himself and then nodded at me. Alright. My still unknown friend went with us to the car and started talking about, again, things that I don't think I will ever remember. It was subtle, but I saw him looking as if he's disappointed. So, I suggested that we eat at another place because the one he picked was not within my range (of affordability? haha). 

And that is the end of the dream, friends. How unreal was that? I don't even find him attractive (now). Well, I don't know much about dreams. They seem so real, sometimes.

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