Wednesday, 16 March 2011

chronicles of an aftershock: great leap forward

time continues running, moving forward. replays are non-existent. but, i don't mind winding back a few tapes from who-knows-when, purely for my own amusement. i have not forgotten. heck, i'm not trying to. don't get me wrong. there WERE several things (my way of saying FEELINGS)involved and i have to admit, there wasn't any heavy drama on our part...not that we had A LOT of time (just saying). surprisingly, whenever i reminisce (cue in emo music) the good (and bad) ol' times, i just laugh to myself. come to think of it...

this is the big piece of junk chunk inside of me (no, not my internal organs, i meant it metaphorically)that FINALLY (choir sings) wants to let it all OUT. i'm not expecting anything. in fact, i have come at peace with pride and denial (all is good...and fair with love...and war). this is me using duct tape to seal numerous boxes inside my mind. but, i'm a little bit hesitant you see... to throw them away.

then i have decided. i won't disregard them (i mean just you...yeah you.) like trash (go green. recycle trash...that can be used again...?). although they've (yep still you) made me burst into tears (until they had to surgically remove my tear ducts), i've gained a different perspective when it comes to other people (yeah. some of them SUCK). the experience truly was insightful. plus, beyond doubt, albeit it took eons, i have moved FORWARD

without you.

yeah. i also wrote that ages ago. so yeah. just wanted to put it here.

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